Range Rover Sport SVR
Satin Black Wrap

We often find satin is a great finish which fits between Matte and Gloss quite nicely, it offers a textured finish but is also easy to clean and has a slight shimmer to the bodywork.

  • The Process

    This brand new Range Rover Sport SVR came in Gloss Black, but the owner wanted to protect the paintwork as well as give the vehicle a unique look. Satin black was chosen as the colour, which is a finish that’s as good to touch as it is to look at!

    The process begins as normal – The vehicle is thoroughly cleaned outside our workshop to ensure no contaminants are going to cause issues further on. After this the vehicle is stripped down to allow thorough wrapping of the body panels separately, this includes removal of bumpers, lights, door handles, trim and badges.

    Next, the vehicle is wrapped section by section by our skilled vehicle wrapping team. The high quality film is carefully fitted, stretched and trimmed to fit perfectly.

  • The Results

    After all of the parts are wrapped, the vehicle is carefully put back together piece by piece to the factory specifications. After the refitting is completed, the entire vehicle is hand cleaned to remove any finger prints and to bring the finish to a shine.