Range Rover Sport SVR
3M Shadow Black

The ultimate in off road luxury? The Range Rover Sport SVR. One of the most common vehicles on the road switched over to one of the most unique. Brought to us by Farnell Leeds looking todo something different, they opted to wrap the full vehicle in 3M 2080 Shadow black.

  • The Process

    With every full vehicle wrap, the SVR had to be stripped down of all its parts removing bumpers, lights, grilles, lettering and trims. Each panel is then cleaned with our specific surface cleaners to ensure when the vinyl is laid, it has little to no interruptions beneath. The new 2080 3M Shadow Black material is a rare choice therefore this was a great project for us. Our vehicle wrappers had to ensure that the design lined up on each panel therefore they took the time to prep and lines the prices up prior to application ensuring a flawless final finish. Once completed, the SVR is reassembled with a final quality check to ensure we are happy with the standard of work conducted.

  • The Results

    The final results were very opinionated! The Reforma team were impressed with the results especially once placed out in the sun. A complete transformation which has now made this Range Rover SVR one of the most unique models in the world. The Farnell team were very excited to get this car back into the showroom to be displayed amongst a variety of other SVR wrapped examples.