Range Rover Sport SVR
Avery Supreme Satin Black

This Range Rover Sport SVR was originally wrapped by Reforma UK originally when it was sold from Farnell Land Rover. The customer had brought it back to us to be repaired and cleaned up to re-sell. Asked to re-wrap the doors, refurbish one of the wheels and finally and interior/ exterior detail.

  • The Process

    The process begins by washing down the vehicle so we can examine where the repairs are required. Once we knew how much material was required to repair the vinyl, we ordered in the Avery Supreme Satin black whilst our team of wrappers removed the existing vinyl. Once complete, the surface is prepped for the new vinyl to be laid. The 22 inch SVR passenger wheel was removed to be recut / polished. Once the vinyl was re-applied and wheel refit, the vehicle was fully detailed. Both internally and externally giving it a showroom fresh look. Ready to be sold onto its new customer.

  • The Results

    The final results were great. The perfect example of how panels can be replaced quickly and simply allowing the car to look like new again at a reasonable price.