Range Rover Sport
Matte Black Wrap

This Range Rover was brought to us finished in Yulong White, a nice colour; but not the look that our customer wanted – It was time for a change! The decision was made to wrap the vehicle in Matte Black inside and out.

  • The Process

    White is one of the hardest colours to wrap, as it is so bright, any areas of original paint shown are obvious, especially against Matte Black wrap. We have experience performing this kind of wrap, ensuring no original white is visible. The car was cleaned, and all trim, badges, bumpers and handles removed. The doors are also removed to allow the door shut areas to be wrapped properly. This is how far we go to ensure a perfect colour change.

  • The Results

    The finished vehicle is a complete transformation from the original Gloss White. The combination of gloss and matte blacks on the angular bodywork of the Range Rover really looks mean.