Range Rover Sport
Gloss White

This Range Rover Sport was brought to us at Reforma from our customer based in Harrogate with the vision of a full colour change wrap in a Gloss White finish.

  • The Process

    The decision was made to wrap the body of the vehicle in 3M 1080 Gloss White whilst leaving the roof, rear diffuser and front splitter in its original colour gloss black. With a contrasting roof growing in popularity it provides our customers with more choices and a chance to play with colour resulting in each vehicle having its own personality and effect. For a full wrap to take place the vehicle is first initially cleaned, prepped and the relevant parts removed including the doors, bumper, wing mirrors, lights and spoiler. Each section of the car is then wrapped to a high and consistent standard and the vehicle re-installed, checked over and thoroughly cleaned before returning back to the customer.

  • The Results

    The completed Ranger Rover is striking giving a smart, fresh and modern overall look resulting in a happy and satisfied customer.