Range Rover Sport
Gloss Black Roof Wrap

This new Range Rover Sport came with a gloss white roof which the new owner wanted to give a fresher appearance.

  • The Process

    The vehicle is brought into our temperature-controlled workshop and the roof is cleaned thoroughly to ensure a blemish-free and quality bond between the vinyl and bodywork. Trim is removed from the roof area to allow the roof to be wrapped in one piece, and cleanly.

    We use only quality vinyl wrap for the work, with over 10 years experience working with this kind of film. The vinyl is heated and hand-wrapped, then neatly trimmed to the contours of the body.

    After the wrap is completed, the trim is re-fitted and the roof is cleaned to give the roof a gloss shine.

  • The Results

    This wrap really brings a new sense of character to this vehicle.