Range Rove Sport
3M 1080 Gloss Atomic Teal

Brought over to us by Farnell Jaguar Land Rover Leeds, The Range Rover Sport. Looking for something bright and unique, the sales colleagues opted for the 3M 1080 Gloss Atomic Teal, a strong vibrant blue bound to stand out from the rest.

  • The Process

    The process of a Range Rover wrap is simple providing you have the experience. As we conduct multiple Sport wraps, we know how to achieve the best results in an efficient manor. Firstly the vehicle needs to be cleaned down, removing any contaminant from the surface to ensure when the vinyl is laid, it is a flawless finish. It is then brought in to be stripped of which the badging is templated and removed, the bumpers, grilles, lights, door handles are all also removed. Each panel is then further prepped with our specific surface cleaners. In the meantime our production team cuts down the vinyl into sections with our pre-made cut sheets. This minimises waste in turn saves you on material costs. Our experienced vehicle wrappers then set to work in applying the vinyl to each panel slowly transforming the aesthetics of the Range Rover. Once all the wrapping is complete, our workshop manager has a look around to check on the quality of the work. If he is not happy with any parts, the vinyl is stripped and a new piece is applied. Once he signs off on the work, the vehicle is then re-built and checked once again. The final step is a clean both inside and out ready for the customer to collect.

  • The Results

    With so many satin black and matt black wraps, it was refreshing to see such a vibrant colour. The whole Reforma team were largely impressed with the results likewise with the sales team at Farnell. A great choice of colour by the team!