Range Rover Sport
Gloss Black

The new Range Rover Sport is an imposing, offroad-capable vehicle combined with appealing looks and strong presence. Since the Range Rover was released in 1970, it has features a “floating roof”, the body coloured roof panel which is completely seperated from the rest of the bodywork by gloss black trims and glass.

One popular customisation of these vehicles is to hide the floating roof effect, by wrapping it in gloss black; this gives the vehicle a sleek look.

  • The Process

    The roof is wrapped in a high quality 3M 1380 material, a premium wrapping film that offers a deep, glossy black that matches the original gloss black trims found on the vehicle. The wrap process includes a deep clean of the roof section, removal of the roof trim and the final wrapping process.

  • The Results

    The final result really finishes off the car; giving it a white and black contrasting combination which really compliment each other throughout this vehicle.

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