Range Rover Evoque
Phoenix Orange

To compliment the bodywork, it was decided that we’d fit it with a Gloss Black roof wrap. This essentially removes the “floating roof”, which stands out a lot more on a brightly coloured car.

  • The Process

    The roof was given a wrap in premium gloss black wrapping film for the best overall finish. To begin wrapping, a deep clean of the roof sections is needed, as any dirt or moisture can cause problems. Once this is complete, the team set to work wrapping the large roof panel and surrounding smaller panels.

    The vinyl we use matches the factory-finish gloss black trim, giving the wrapping work a subtle but effective look.

  • The Results

    The completed Evoque looks fantastic, the black-and-orange combination really suits the vehicle and ties in with the gloss black trims, grilles, badges and alloy wheels.