Range Rover Evoque
Kandy Red Detailing

This customer came to us with the idea, she wanted a few select parts on her new Range Rover Evoque to be wrapped in a red vinyl wrap. Her vehicle was a new Evoque in Gloss White, and she wanted to make this car stand out from the crowd. The benefit of vinyl wrapping is that when she sells the vehicle, the red highlights can be removed easily if a potential buyer doesn’t like it.


  • The Process

    The selected parts that were chosen were the Roof, Mirrors and front wing trim pieces. The customer came in to decide on the colour for the parts before the vehicle was brought to us, we offered a range of different colours and materials, to find one which was perfect. In the end, Kandy Red was chosen. The vehicle was dropped off in the morning and we started by cleaning the vehicle to ensure we were working near a clean environment. Then the roof was removed of its trim, including the rear aerial. The wing mirror covers were removed, and the front wing trim pieces were removed. All of the parts were then neatly wrapped in Kandy Red vinyl. After this was completed, the parts were re-fitted and the new wrap was cleaned to bring the car to its finished stage. The Kandy Red wrap is full of metallic flakes which shine and sparkle in the sun which makes this wrap stand out.

  • The Results

    The result is a unique car with a very nice personal touch. The wrap is seamless, quite litrally and looks like painted body parts, but even better.