Range Rover Sport
3M Satin Perfect Blue

This Range Rover Car Wrap was completed in a beautiful 3M Satin Perfect Blue colour. It’s a popular colour choice that has been gaining popularity in the past year.

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  • The Process

    We began the process by giving the Range Rover a good clean outside. We then brought it into our premises and parked in one of the bays prepared for wrapping.

    Our mechanic then prepares the vehicle by stripping down the parts such and front and rear bumper and any additional trims.

    We then give it another clean to ensure we wipe away all the remaining dirt and debris. It’s a very important step to ensure the immaculate finish. We always take extra care when it comes to applying vinyl because even the dust can show underneath. Working panel by panel, our technicians wrap all the car and pass it to a mechanic to reassemble. He then checks all the functions to ensure everything works correctly and records all the process on our internal system.

    The last step is for our workshop manager to conduct a quality check inspecting every edge and panel. Once he is happy with everything he contacts the customer and arranges the time of collection.



  • The Results

    This Range Rover Car Wrap turned out phenomenal. The striking satin blue colour will definitely turn heads on the road!