Range Rover Autobiography
Satin Black Full Wrap

Range Rover Autobiography Wrap by Reforma. The ultimate Black Finish adding a touch of class and luxury to any vehicle.

The customer wanted to enhance the look of his SUV but keep it simple. Changing it from gloss to satin was a great option. We have a dedicated blog post to help you choose your perfect colour if you’re unsure what would suit your vehicle best.

  • The Process

    Range Rover Autobiography Wrap begins by thorough wash down of the vehicle outside. Even if the car is brand new we clean it before then brining it to the workshop.  This is to ensure when the vinyl is applied, we have no interruptions on the surface.

    Our mechanic begins to strip the car to allow for vinyl access in places normally difficult to reach. It also allows to reduce a chance of potential vinyl lifting issues in the future.

    Our wrappers then begin working around the vehicle applying each panel individually.

    As each panel is applied, a quality check is conducted to ensure we are happy with the standard of the vinyl and workmanship.

    As the car beings to come together, we begin to resemble the vehicle and conduct a post heating process on areas which require curing.

    A final polish is completed with a functions check ready for our customer to come and collect.


  • The Results

    The final results were fantastic. We achieved exactly what our customer had in mind. He was over the moon with the results and could not believe how much vinyl can change the overall appearance.