Quad Bike
Camo/ Grey

An exciting project to be a part of was these 2 Quad bikes brought to us by a commercial client for his 2 sons. Looking to add a personal touch to each of these toys.

  • The Process

    The first quad bike was wrapped in 3M 1080 Satin Battleship Grey giving it a very clean and aggressive look. With further additions of decals designed by our inhouse creative team. The second Quad Bike wrap was completed in 3M 1080 Shadow Black providing a very mean stealthy appearance. Both Quad Bikes then had black contra-vision on the headlights to darken down the lens, further adding to the aggressive aesthetics.

  • The Results

    The results are 2 quad bikes with individual personalities to suit their new owners. ‘Incredible!’ was the word used by our client upon first impression. A unique project of which we were keen to be a part of.