Porsche Taycan
Satin Black Avery Full Wrap

At Reforma UK, we recently had the opportunity to work on a Porsche Taycan, transforming its glossy black exterior into a sleek and sophisticated Satin Black finish. Our team was excited to take on this project, as we knew that the Satin Black finish would perfectly complement the Taycan’s modern and sporty design.
Before we could begin the wrapping process, we first had to thoroughly clean and prep the car’s exterior. This involved washing the car, removing any dirt or debris, and then using a clay bar to remove any contaminants from the paint. Once the car was clean, we began the process of wrapping the car in Satin Black vinyl.
The end result was stunning. The Porsche Taycan now boasts a beautiful Satin Black finish that perfectly complements its modern and sporty design. The Satin Black finish gives the car a subtle yet powerful presence on the road, while also adding an extra layer of sophistication and class.
Moreover, the vinyl wrap provides an extra layer of protection to the car’s original paint job, helping to preserve its beauty and value over time. The vinyl is also easily removable, allowing the owner to change up the car’s look whenever they desire.

  • The Process

  • The Results