Porsche Panamera
Gloss Black Detailing

This striking red Porsche Panamera 4S was brought to us by a Bradford based client, a recommendation from one of more regular customers. Looking for some subtle enhancements in the terms of satin/ gloss black detailing.

  • The Process

    The process begun by removing the mirror caps and door handles to allow our vehicle wrapping team to lay the 3M Gloss Black onto them. Along with this, the Porsche / Panamera 4S lettering was removed from the car and sent for painting in Satin Black. Our 15 years experience in the wrapping industry allows our customers the trust in our ability to delivery not only quick results but also a quality finish. Once the vinyl wrapping process is complete, our trained technicians team reassemble the parts to the vehicle and re-apply the lettering back onto the rear of the Porsche.

  • The Results

    These little changes made a substantial difference to this Porsche due to its strong red base colour. The gloss and satin colour codes work in perfect harmony with the styling of this car.