Porsche Cayman
Pearl White Wrap

We were brought this Porsche Cayman with a white wrap in mind. In the end, Pearl White was chosen as the colour to wrap it in! It’s a good choice in colour as it looks like a regular white when still, but the vinyl shimmers in the light as you or the vehicle moves.

  • The Process

    This vehicle involved a typical vehicle wrap process for us – A full strip down of the vehicle, freeing the bare bodywork from the various bumpers and trim on, in and around it. Once this is ready, our wrapping team step in and begin the process of carefully wrapping the bodywork in the highest quality materials in the industry.

    Once the bare unibody is wrapped, then the other body-coloured parts are wrapped, such as the bumpers, door handles, spoilers and grilles. We even wrapped the door shuts in a single piece, giving the vehicle a complete colour change with no original-colour areas.

  • The Results

    The finished car looks fresh and clean, with a unique colour which varies in different light conditions, from a simple white to a sparkly metallic glimmery white.