Porsche Cayenne Hybrid
Matte Black Wrap

The owner of this new Porsche Cayenne Hybrid had seen our experience with wrapping in matte black vinyl on our website, and liked the look too. We went through various variations and types of vinyl to decide on the perfect material for the car.

  • The Process

    The project idea was a full wrap in Matte Black, whilst exposing some areas of the original Gloss Black bodywork, to give some gloss black highlights against the matte black, a look which usually works well. The rear lights were also tinted to continue the theme, as well as window tints, fitted by Pentagon Yorkshire which we work closely alongside daily.

    The vehicle was brought to us only a few days old, and work started immediately. As per all of our full colour change wraps, the vehicle is prepared for the vinyl to be hand-fitted by removing as much trim as possible, as this allows us to wrap each section seperately and in whole pieces, ensuring that once re-assembled, the wrap looks flawless.

    As part of the “stealth” look, the badges were also finished in Matte Black whilst removed, including the lime green “e-hybrid” badges. New alloy wheels were fitted as the same time, and Matt @ Pentagon Yorkshire fitted window tints to finish off the look.

  • The Results

    The end result is a sleek and stylish looking Cayenne