Porsche Cayenne
3M Matte Indigo Blue

The Porsche Cayenne in for a full wrap and extras! This Halifax based client was looking for a full transformation of his vehicle, not only seeking a full vehicle wrap but also our additional wheel refurbishment program with new tyres all the way round. To finish off, he asked for a full detail on the vehicle so that when he came to pick it up, it was almost a new car from the showroom. He opted for the 3M the Matte Indigo Blue which we knew from the outset was the perfect colour for this car.

  • The Process

    The process begun by giving the vehicle a deep clean, then bringing it in to be stripped. Removing the wheels, bumpers, lights, grills and trims. The wheels were sent to be refurbished along with new tyres. in conjunction with this, the Porsche lettering was sent to be painted in gloss black. Once each part was removed from the vehicle, our vehicle wrapping team set to work on applying the 3m vinyl. As each panel was laid, the car slowly transformed its appearance. Once completed, our trained technicians were tasked with rebuilding the vehicle whilst conducting regular quality checks to ensure we were happy with the standards of work produced. The final stage was to give the vehicle a full detail. Offering a protection coat on the wrap along with and interior valet.

  • The Results

    The results from this wrap were amazing. A classy colour for a luxury SUV. The client was incredibly impressed with the results and also stated our service surpassed his experience direct with Porsche.