Porsche 911 Turbo
Gloss Light Blue

This customer was looking for a full vinyl wrap on their stunning 911 Turbo to emulate Porsche’s Gulf Blue paint colour. Luckily, we have a wrap for that! We selected Avery Gloss Light Blue wrapping film for the job and believe this a good answer to this popular colour choice.

  • The Process

    As normal, the first job for our workshop is to fully clean the vehicle removing any particles of dust or dirt that can be an unwanted obstruction between the wrapping film and paintwork causing a poor bond and finish. Following this, the vehicle is installed into an allocated bay where it is subsequently stripped ready for wrapping. Panels are carefully wrapped by hand by our 3M approved vehicle wrappers and then re-fitted to the vehicle for completion.

  • The Results

    Gulf Blue, is that you? Not exactly, but if you ask us it’s pretty darned close! Also, being a vinyl wrap this is not only a more cost effective option compared to re-spraying, the wrap will protect your original paintwork from stone chips and weathering, maintain the car’s resale value and help you achieve a truly unique look with hundreds of colours and textures to choose from. Then if you fancy a change again further down the road, simply come back in and choose a new colour.

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