Peugeot 108
Reforma Edition

We needed a small vehicle to use throughout the company, for deliveries, transportation and collection/dropoff of vehicles. The standard Gloss White that the Peugeot 108 came in wasn’t cutting it for us, so we gave it a makeover.

  • The Process

    One of our designers, Liam, created the design in a 3D environment to allow us to see how the vehicle would look when complete. Once we had options, we decided on a combination of Red Chrome, Satin Black and Brushed Aluminium. This combination allows us to display various finishes together and show the range of textures achievable with vinyl wrap.

    The Wrap

    The different finishes need different techniques to fit them – The red chrome layer is quite difficult to work with, but our experienced wrapping team have plenty of knowledge of working with this material. The brushed aluminium is a rugged and thick vinyl which requires extra attention to fit. The satin black stripe that blends the 2 textures together is quite straightforward to fit and gives a nice contrast between the 2 looks.

    As part of the wrap, the rear windows were also wrapped in red chrome, allowing us to use the vehicle as a van if needed, also giving the car a unique look.


    As part of the new look, the old steel wheels weren’t up to standards. We sourced some 16″ multispoke alloy wheels to fit the car perfectly, filling the arches and bolting straight up to the Peugeot’s hub. The wheels were refurbished in Satin Black and finished off with Satin Black wheel nut covers for the finishing touch.

  • The Results

    We’re really pleased with the outcome, the car looks great and is sure to catch some eyes. If you see it driving about the UK, give us a wave!