Nissan GT-R
Matte Black Wrap

The owner of this Nissan GT-R wanted it to look stealthy and tough, with inspiration from the Batmobile. We helped create this look with a vinyl wrap!

  • The Process

    As with all our vehicle wraps, we begin by removing as much as possible to ensure a flawless finish. Bumpers, lights, trim and badges are all removed, even the signature GT-R spoiler is taken off to allow us to wrap it thoroughly.

    Whilst the wrap was being fitted, the wheels were removed, the tyres split from them, and the wheels were given a carbon treatment – a unique carbon-like finish which looks different at every angle.

    We also tinted the rear lights and corner reflectors to give the car a more “stealthy” look.

  • The Results

    The result is a GTR that looks sleek and stylish.