Nissan GT-R
Pearl White Wrap

The owner of this legendary Nissan GT-R had the vehicle in the standard “Super Silver” colour – and wanted a simpler white colour instead. Pearl white was chosen for its unique metallic shimmer-like finish.

  • The Process

    The GT-R was stripped down by removing all the doors, bumpers, lights and trim. Then the bodywork including inside the door shuts were carefully hand-wrapped in Pearl White, and then the removed parts were wrapped separately, and then refitted to the car. After this, the vehicle is cleaned down to bring the vinyl to a shine and remove any fingerprints. The vehicle was then inspected for quality before being passed on to the customer.

  • The Results

    The completed car looks perfect, just like a colour change wrap should. The wrap is seamless and suits the car down to a tee. A great example of a paint like GT-R Wrap!