Nissan GT-R
Nismo Inspired Graphics

The owner of this beautiful Pearl White Nissan GT-R wanted Nismo inspired graphics fitting to his vehicle, and came to us for a solution. Nismo is an abbreviated version of “Nissan Motorsport”, which creates high performance versions of Nissan’s cars. The NISMO GT-R features red highlights which we wanted to echo on this car.

  • The Process

    The vehicle already sported a range of carbon fibre parts and carbon wrapped sections we’d done before, including the roof and front bumper detailing. It also already had red wheel nuts fitted.

    To continue the kandy red highlight theme, and to echo the NISMO GT-R, we added red pinstriping to the leading edges of the front and rear diffuser, the rear boot spoiler and the mirrors. The large air intakes on the front bumper were wrapped in red inside, to add a subtle but effective look.

  • The Results

    The finished result is a vehicle with a great deal of detailing throughout, giving the car a personalised look and one very similar to the striking looks of the NISMO GT-R.