Nissan GT-R
Graphics and Carbon Wrap

We love the Nissan GT-R – The owner of this one is a big fan and wanted to have some graphics of his own design fitting to his. Some other touches were added to supplement the carbon interior trim we’d done in the past!

  • The Process

    The car was first cleaned to ensure a decent surface to wrap to. The graphics the customer wanted involved a front bumper wrap in Matte Gunmetal, with stripes up each side which follow the natural body lines of the GT-R. The wheels were also removed, the tyres were removed, the wheels were primed and then a hydrographics process was applied to them, giving them a unique carbon fibre pattern. We also tinted the rear lights using a specialist film to give the car a unique look.

  • The Results

    The end result is a customised GT-R with a sense of subtlety – The graphics are subtle and suit the body lines of the car, the wheels look gloss black at a distance but up close you notice the intricate pattern within.