Mitsubishi Outlander
3m Matte Deep Black

Many people think only expensive cars get wrapped because of the often high price of car wrapping services. In truth wrapping your car is a much cheaper option than buying a new one.

Nowadays a lot of ordinary cars get wrapped for that brand new look. It can give your car another whole life on a budget.

This Mitsubishi Outlander is a perfect example of how any “standard” car can instantly get a more luxurious look. We gave it a stylish, matte black finish turning it into a head turner on the road.

Another example of a cheaper car wrap we completed in the past is this Suzuki Vitara.


  • The Process

    Mitsubishi Outlander Car Wrap began by giving the car a thorough wash down. After cleaning the vehicle outside, we brought it to our workshop and placed it in one of our designated bays.

    Our mechanic could begin to strip down the parts, removing all the necessary elements to allow for wrapper the easy access to car’s edges.

    We then gave the car another clean with specialised 3M cleaning solution. Working panel by panel, we removed all the potential dirt and contaminants from the car’s surface.

    Our workshop technicians then begun to wrap the panels, making sure the finish is immaculate and vinyl is applied properly. When finished, we made sure to post-heat all the surfaces and edges to ensure vinyl doesn’t peel off over time. It’s an important step to guarantee longevity of your wrap.

    Once completed, our mechanic reassembled the car and checks all the functions to make sure everything works properly.


  • The Results

    This Mitsubishi Outlander Car Wrap turned out simply amazing. From an ordinary, family SUV to a stylish matte black car this vehicle now looks brand new.