Porsche Macan
Mirror Black Chrome

A rare and unique finish we can offer is Black Chrome; a mirror finish vinyl with a slight tint to it. We previously wrapped our own VW Transporter in it, we loved it so much!

This Porsche Macan had been fitted with a custom bodykit which included wider wheel arch flares to suit a set of concave Vossen alloy wheels, which gives it an imposing stance on the road. But the finishing touch needed to complete the look, was a mirror-finish Chrome Wrap.

  • The Process

    Wrapping with chrome material is a difficult job – however our team has experience working with Avery Supreme Chrome materials, which are a high quality premium wrapping film.

    The curvaceous bodywork of the Porsche Macan is an art in itself, it requires a lot of careful fitting and manipulating of the vinyl to get the right level of finish, while retaining the clarity of the mirror-finish chrome.

  • The Results

    Once the car was fully wrapped, the car is fully re-assembled very carefully. The new chrome finish is then cleaned and polished to remove any marks from the fitting process, resulting in a incomparable, dazzling and unique looking Porsche Macan!