Mini Cooper SD
Red Highlights

This new Mini Cooper SD was brought to us new, the car needing some customisation to the new owners personal tastes.

  • The Process

    Once the factory fresh vehicle was left with us, we set to work. The mini has its signature roof guttering removed, as well as the aerial antenna. The mirrors are also to be wrapped so the outer covers are removed.

    This then allows us to wrap the roof completely free from trim getting in the way, for the neatest possible finish. It also means the mirror covers are wrapped seperately from the car, by hand. This allows us to wrap the very curved part in a single piece of vinyl, with the edges of the vinyl securely tucked away, avoiding the vinyl distorting.

  • The Results

    After the work is completed, the vinyl is cleaned and heated which results in a great looking car with vibrant red highlights which really stand out.