Mini Cooper S
Paul Smith Inspired Roof Wrap

A local company came to us with their customer – who wanted a Paul Smith style roof wrap, with some customisation. We booked the vehicle in, and the customer chose a slightly different design. This was then produced by our graphic designers and printed in-house, directly into the vinyl.

  • The Process

    The stripping down for a roof wrap is usually minimal, however, on a Mini, it involves removing the roof trims and guttering which feature prominently on this vehicle. Plus, with the car being a Cooper S, the large rear spoiler was removed too.

    The roof was wrapped by our team perfectly, without distorting any of the design, which is tricky on such a curved roof! The spoiler was hand-wrapped on a bench and was trimmed up perfectly.

  • The Results

    The finished roof looks great, the design suits the car massively and is trimmed to follow the lines of the roof and spoiler.