Mini Clubvan
Gloss Black Vinyl Wrap with Chrome Highlights

A local Mini Clubvan owner had recently purchased the vehicle for their business – but could only get the vehicle in an off-white colour. This was not what they had in mind, so they found us and enquired about a full gloss black vinyl wrap with chrome highlights.

  • The Process

    The vehicle was booked in with us, as soon as it arrived we removed all exterior trim from the car so we could wrap behind them, for a better finish. First, a gloss black wrap was fitted to the entire body. Then a specialist chrome wrap was added to the roof. This wrap provides a mirror finish and is unique – how often have you seen whole body panels on vehicles in chrome?

    Chrome wing mirrors were also fitted to supplement the chrome trim the car already featured, and the roof.


  • The Results

    After the vinyl wrap was complete, the owners came to collect the vehicle and they loved the finished result. The chrome touches added a great deal to the look of the car. The gloss black bodywork is a large improvement over the standard white paintjob.