Mercedes S-Class
Pearl White Wrap

We rejuvenated this luxury Mercedes S Class with a full vinyl wrap in Pearl White. The plan was to give the S-Class a new lease of life and style it to favour it as a luxury limousine.

  • The Process

    The Mercedes was first cleaned thoroughly to ensure the wrap would bond well. The vehicle was then stripped of all badges, trim, bumpers and lights – this allows us to wrap each part separately and thoroughly to ensure a flawless finish.

    As this vehicle was to be used by customers in the rear, the door shuts were also all wrapped, this requires the doors to be removed so that the intricate areas around the latches and mechanisms can be wrapped to a high standard.

    This takes time but gives the car a complete colour change transformation!

  • The Results

    The finished wrap is flawless and has given the Mercedes S-Class a gorgeous appearance and a entire new look. Does your business require a wrap to give new life to a vehicle? Speak to us and see what our team can do for you on 0844 880 5380.