Mercedes GLE
Gloss Sky Blue

Just in time for summer, this customer brought in this beautiful Mercedes AMG GLE Coupé rental car for a fresh new look. As the rental car market shifts, vendors are looking to capture more clients with eye-catching vehicles. Originally in the manufacturer’s Cavansite Metallic Blue, a much more vivid and lively Gloss Sky Blue was selected for the wrap from the 1080 Film Wrap range by 3M. This colour was chosen to mimick the popular Gulf Blue as offered by Porsche.

  • The Process

    As with all vehicles we wrap, our first task was to fully clean the car to remove all dirt and dust particles from the bodywork. These can add unwanted texture to the finish and also reduce the effectiveness of the bond between material and vehicle. We keep all vehicles we wrap in a dedicated ‘bay’ during the work to reduce further contamination from dust and dirt.

    When this initial stage was completed, we removed the front and rear bumpers and all accessories to prepare them for wrapping individually, allowing the best finish possible. The car was then wrapped panel by panel and carefully re-assembled to complete the project.

  • The Results

    Looking below it would be easy to confuse the end result as a different car such is the difference following the full wrap! The lighter vibrant blue really brings the car alive and should attract rental customers looking for something to stand out and glisten in the summer sun.

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