Mercedes GL63
Brushed Titanium Wrap

We love unique wraps – and this Mercedes GL63 wrapped in a full Brushed Titanium wrap well and truly fits into the “unique” category, a brushed bodywork finish is something you never see!

  • The Process

    As we do with all vehicle we wrap, this one started with the cleaning process – any dirt or even dust particles can add unwanted texture to a panel – so the vehicle is cleaned to perfection and kept inside a dedicated workshop bay at all times.

    The brushed titanium finish is directional, meaning the pattern goes one way – horizontally. This meant we would have to be clever about how we would fit the wrap – ensuring all panels flow the same way to give the bodywork a continuous brushed look.

    We then dismantle the vehicle, removing bodywork panels, trim, badges and handles – anything that will be wrapped is removed if required, to allow the best finish possible. Once ready, the vehicle is wrapped, panel-by-panel, with the brushed effect continuously running along each panel, curving to ensure the wrap looks perfect.

    After the wrapping is complete, the parts are re-assembled carefully, even the badges are lined up as they were – we gave the badges a matte black finish to complement the tinted windows and black wheels the vehicle is equipped with.

  • The Results

    The Mercedes GL63 is a rare machine – and this example is personalised to give it a tough, rugged appearance, a Brushed Titanium wrap finish and matte black features really makes this GL stand out from the crowd.