Mercedes G63
Satin Black Full Wrap

Mercedes G36 Satin Black Car Wrap completed in the stunning Satin Black finish which truly compliments the stealthy contour of the car.

The strong character of the car truly presents itself best in the classic, black colour. Not without a reason satin and matte black remain the most popular shades in car wrapping industry.

We completed the carbon fibre body kit for this model of G63 in the past as well. You can see it here.

  • The Process

    As with every vehicle wrap preparation is the key.

    We start by giving the car wash down outside before bringing it to the workshop. Then we give it the first clean by wiping all the panels with a specialised cleaning solution. The panels get cleaned individually later on as well right before we apply vinyl.

    Secondly our mechanic starts to strip the parts of Mercedes down. Our vinyl technicians need access to all the curves and edges of the car so this step is essential.

    Thirdly, our vinyl wrappers can begin to wrap. They work panel by panel, ensuring there is no dirt, dust or any contamination left on the car. Any debris could show underneath the vinyl so it’s important to clean it thoroughly again before putting vinyl on.

    Once the car is completed, our mechanic builds it back up. He checks all the functions and makes sures everything works as it should.

    The final step is the cleaning and quality control carried out by our workshop manager. He inspects every panel individually and ensures it meets our high quality standards.

    The last step is for us to contact the customer and arrange the collection time. The customer’s reaction to their new vehicle is always the best part of the whole process.


  • The Results

    Mercedes G36 Satin Black looks truly magnificent.

    The colour perfectly enhances the stealthy, off-road character of the car and elevates its look to another level.