Mercedes C63 AMG
Daytona Blue Wrap

The owner of this Mercedes C63 AMG had already treated the car to some upgrades, and decided a colour change wrap from Reforma was in order. He had a friend who had a similar colour – and knew that is what he wanted. We showed him a selection of colour swatches of various colours. He chose a Daytona Blue wrap with gloss black detailing.

  • The Process

    Once the vehicle was with us, we removed all bumpers, lights and trim pieces. Within our temperature controlled workshop, the vehicle was carefully wrapped in a beautiful Daytona Blue vinyl wrap. The front and rear bumpers are removed, stripped down to its basic form, then refitted, wrapped in vinyl, then removed to tidy up and finish the wrap, then the bumper is re-assembled and refitted to the vehicle.

  • The Results

    After the AMG wrap was complete, the car was taken outside and polished to bring it to a shine. The Daytona Blue colour looks even better in the sunshine, and is an interesting and unique colour to be on a Mercedes C63 AMG!