Mercedes C Class
Matte Grey Metallic Wrap

A friend of ours had a Mercedes C Class he wanted to look extra special. He had customised the car already but wanted a different body colour on the car. He chose Matte Grey Metallic – one of our popular wraps.

  • The Process

    As usual, the car was stripped down by removing all the doors, bumpers, lights and trim. Then the bodywork including inside the door shuts was wrapped in Matte Grey Metallic wrap, and then the removed parts were wrapped and refitted to the car. We also carbon treated the front grille, wing mirrors and rear spoiler.

  • The Results

    The completed car looks awesome – the strong matte finish of the bodywork coupled with the previous modifications and wider wheels makes the car look aggressive and the vehicle turns heads everywhere it goes – we even display it at events to show off some of our excellent work!