Mercedes Benz G63

Is this the ultimate super SUV? The facelift Mercedes Benz G63 AMG often referred to as the G-Wagon is now amongst us. A V8 power house punching over 500bhp in a car weighing over 2 tonnes! Commonly purchased in the metallic black, often clients will want to further personalise their vehicle by conducting a full vehicle de-chrome. As standard the G-Wagon does have lashings of chrome parts therefore the transformation to black greatly alters its appearance.

  • The Process

    The process of a de-chrome begins with preparation. Giving the vehicle a full wash down removing all contaminants from the surface. Thereon after the vehicle is cleaned down and dried. Our trained technicians begin to strip down the car of all its chrome parts ready for either painting or wrapping. This includes sections such as the front and rear bumper trims, side steps, front grille slats, bonnet caps, badging and handles. Vinyl does have its application limits therefor if we feel a part is at risk of failure in the future, we will recommend to paint. Areas such as handles and badging are commonly painted in the industry. Once all the parts have been wrapped and painted, our trained technicians begin to re-assemble the vehicle. Along the process quality controlling the parts to ensure they adhere to our high standards. A final controls check is completed, ensuring electrics like sensors are still operating as they should and finally a full polish.

  • The Results

    The completed look once the de-chrome is complete is truly incredible. Giving the vehicle a very much ‘murdered’ out effect with the satin black and metallic black combination. Stealth in its appearance but also ironically nobody will miss you coming on the road.