Mercedes AMG GTR
3m Satin Dark Grey Full Wrap

The absolute beauty, Mercedes AMG GTR came to Reforma UK to receive a full car wrap.

It transformed from the lighter gloss grey to Satin Dark Grey Finish. Even though the original colour was similar, the satin finish changed the feel of the car for more luxurious and elegant.

We completed black detailing of the exact same model in the past which you can see here.

  • The Process

    We follow a strict process when it comes to vehicle wrapping. Everything is logged in onto our system so there is a clear track of all the procedures.

    We always begin by washing down the car outside. It’s the first clean before taking it to the workshop and into the bay. Once it’s inside, our mechanic begins to strip the parts down.

    We then give all the panels another clean working panel by panel. Using specialised 3M and Avery cleaners we remove all the potential debris, dirt and contamination that could get trapped underneath the vinyl.

    Once the panels are clean and ready for wrapping our vinyl technicians begin their work. They apply vinyl working panel by panel, and paying extra attention to edges which get trimmed off. After wrapping all the panels we post heat them at the right temperature to ensure edges don’t peel off.

    Our mechanic can then reassemble the full vehicle and check all the functions. We always make sure to double check and record every step to ensure nothing gets missed in the process.

    The last step is for our workshop manager to conduct a thorough quality check. He examines all the panels to ensure the quality of the wrap meets our high standards and contacts the customer to arrange for collection.

  • The Results

    The final result is this outstanding Mercedes AMG GTR wrap in Satin Dark Grey.

    It looks luxurious and exclusive, and it is a brilliant change to the previously gloss finish.