McLaren 570s
Roof Wrap/ Tron Lines

The McLaren 570s is a supercar that is every growing in its popularity. Due to this, customers are always trying to find ways in which they can make their particular model unique. This specific client had seen a previous 570s we had wrapped with orange tron lines and opted for the same the only difference being he wanted the 3M Gloss Hotrod Red. Along with this, he wanted the full roof/ bonnet wrapping in 3M 2080 gloss black. Something he had been inspired by on Instagram. This was to follow the accent lines which runs from the start of the bonnet past the window line through to the rear.

  • The Process

    The process with tron detailing and roof wraps is almost the same as a full wrap. Extensive preparation is required to ensure the surface is clean and uninterrupted. Especially when we are applying tron lines around corners as these are the areas where dirt can build up. Our in-house vinyl production team supply our vehicle wrappers with pre-cut strips that are in various thicknesses specified by the client such as 10mm for the diffuser fins and 20mm for the larger air ducts. Using a combination of thicknesses gives the car a new dimension in its appearance. The 3M 2080 gloss black is then applied to the roof panels sections at a time. With this being the convertible model, it takes a little longer than normal as we ensure the vinyl is applied around very corner of the 3 part folding roof.

  • The Results

    The final results with commissions like this are very impressive. The McLaren is one of many supercars which have beautiful lines and curves just like the Lamborghini models therefore the application of tron lines only exemplifies this. The addition of gloss black over the top of the bonnet