Mazda MX-5
White Wrap with Graphics

This Mazda MX-5 was brought to us with a plan already in mind. The body was to be completely wrapped in Pearl White, with a pair of Gunmetal Grey stripes down the middle. Other details were to be wrapped in the gunmetal colour too for a sharp contrast against the white.

  • The Process

    As per usual, the vehicle was cleaned and prepared in the workshop. Much of the trim and body panels were removed to allow us to wrap behind. The vehicle also had some existing stripes, which the customer wanted to transfer over onto the new wrapped car. We measured and templated these stripes so they could be fitted to the new wrap afterwards. The retracting roof had to be paused half way to allow us to wrap the seperate sections of folding roof to achieve the best finish on these panels.

    Once the bodywork was wrapped, the car was re-assembled and the graphics added.

  • The Results

    After the wrap was complete, the car was taken outside and in the sunlight the pearl white wrap really began to stand out. The sharp contrast against the darker stripes and trim gave the look of the car that extra punch.