Range Rover Evoque
Matte Grey Metallic Wrap

This new Range Rover Evoque was brought to us, with the owner wanting a Matte Grey Metallic wrap, one of our popular finishes.

  • The Process

    We’re very proud of our work, and rightly so. The Evoque is fully wrapped including all of the door shuts, including some very hard to reach (and see!) areas. This ensure the wrap looks complete and fill, with every millimetre of the bodywork wrapped in the Matte Grey vinyl.¬†We love attention to detail. The badges, trim and wheels of the Evoque were all finished in Gloss Black to compliment the Matte Grey bodywork. This really gives the vehicle a finished look.

  • The Results

    The result is a very nice looking car with a flawless finish which looks like paint, with a finish that paintwork wouldn’t be able to match!