Bentley Continental GT
Matte Black Wrap

We have wrapped this car before – It’s a favourite of ours and it was brought to us after being in a Satin White wrap which we also completed for the customer.


  • The Process

    We have a lot of experience with Bentley’s – So preparing this car to be wrapped was not an issue. We start by removing the various trim pieces, handles and even the bumpers. The aim is to remove as much trim as possible from the body so that the body can be wrapped cleanly and neatly. Whilst the bodywork is being wrapped, other team member wrap the mirrors, bumper and trim off the vehicle. This gives a better looking finish. After all of the wrapping is complete, each part is re-assembled and fitted to the car. Even the parking sensors get wrapped in Matte Black to ensure everything matches perfectly.

  • The Results

    We love transforming beautiful cars like this Bentley – a change from Satin White to a Matte Black wrap is a very contrasting change – The main benefit of wrapping is it can be changed as much as you change your mind!