Lumma SVR
Chrome Rose Gold

This unique Range Rover Sport SVR – Lumma Edition was brought to us from a Manchester based client. Referred by a good friend of Reforma’s – Lord Aleem. The client was looking to have the most unique SVR in the country, and by choosing the Avery Dennison Chrome Rose Gold, we think he may have just got that. The client was also looking to give his SVR some TLC with our wheel refurb offering/ paint correction service.

  • The Process

    The process begun by bringing in the vehicle and giving it a thorough clean. With such an aggressive body styling package, we had to conduct a deep clean to ensure every bit of debris and dirt was removed prior to the vinyl application process. The SVR was then brought into our workshop to be stripped down. Removing items such as the bumpers, lights, doors, wheels, trims and lettering. This allowed our vehicle wrapping team to lay the Avery Dennison Chrome Rose Gold easily around all the curves and creases of this Lumma body kit. Our vehicle wrapping team have vast experience in applying chrome with industry certification. This means the results of Reforma wrapping your vehicle means no scratches, bubbles or creases in the vinyl.

  • The Results

    The final result is a Range Rover SVR with a unique appeal. A true representation of personalisation and a bespoke service. Upon reveal of the vehicle, the client was amazed by the transformation. Very happy on his choice of colour, the client was pleased with the results and quality finish.