Lamborghini Gallardo
Lime Green Wrap

This gloss black Gallardo looked understated in Gloss Black when it came to us, but with a choice of over 200 colours, there is a lot of customisation possibilities. The owner of this vehicle chose Focus Green, a pearl-finish green colour.

  • The Process

    We work with lots of these types of cars, and have experience working with Lamborghinis of various types, like the Lamborghini Huracan we wrapped.

    The car started off with a clean, and then was brought inside, for the process to begin. First, the bumpers, lights, trim and badges are all removed – this lets us wrap everything thoroughly and separately for the best finish possible.

  • The Results

    Once the wrapping is complete, the car is carefully put back together. Then the car is cleaned and leaves the Reforma workshop as a flawless Lime Green colour change