Land Rover Discovery
Full Wrap Beige Metallic Gloss Hexis

Land Rover Discovery car wrap by Reforma completed in Beige Metallic Gloss is yet another great project we can add to our extensive portfolio.

Luxurious and elegant gold shade gives this vehicle a truly sophisticated character. We can’t imagine a better fit for the versatile SUV like Land Rover Discovery.

Another popular colour used for Land Rover vehicles is Gloss Blue Raspberry. Here is the example of another Discovery wrapped in that colour.


  • The Process

    We begun the process of Land Rover Discovery Car Wrap by thoroughly washing down the vehicle outside. Then we bring it to the workshop where the car gets another clean with every panel cleaned individually. We spend a lot of time of the cleaning process to ensure all the dirt and debris is removed before wrapping.

    Our technician then strips down the parts removing parts like headlights, trims, grills and badging. Depending on the car, we might have to remove more or fewer parts to gain access to all the important areas.

    Our wrapping team can then start applying vinyl previously cut to size in our production department. We work panel by panel, ensuring the immaculate finish is maintained at all times.  Once wrapped, our mechanics could re-assemble the car and test all the functions to ensure everything works correctly.

    The last step is for our workshop manager to conduct a full and throughout quality check on the wrap. We always strive for perfection, so if any panel has the tiniest imperfection we always choose to redo it.

  • The Results

    The results speak for themselves – the client was overwhelmed by how stunning the vehicle looked.

    The car wrap gave it exactly the look and finish he was looking for, making it luxurious yet one of a kind car.