Land Rover Defender
Matte Brown Metallic 3M 2080

Discover the captivating Land Rover Defender Matte Brown, wrapped in a striking Matte Metallic Brown vinyl. At Reforma, we have established ourselves as specialists in Land Rover Defender wrapping. Recently, one of our valued clients from Bradford entrusted us with another one of his vehicles looking for a complete colour change.


For other colour options you can check out our Defender Wrapped in Matte Military Green orLand Rover in Matte Deep Black.

  • The Process

    Vehicle wrapping is a meticulous process that involves applying specialized vinyl material to the exterior surface of a vehicle. We begin the process with thorough cleaning and preparation to ensure a smooth surface for optimal adhesion.

    Reforma wrappers use precise measurements and templates to cut custom pieces of vinyl that fit each panel of the vehicle. We then carefully position and apply vinyl, with attention to detail around curves and edges. We use heat guns and squeegees to stretch and adhere the vinyl, creating a seamless and bubble-free finish.

    Once all the vinyl has been correctly applied, our technicians re-assemble the vehicle whilst checking the finish on every panel and making sure the quality of the work is carried out to the highest of standards.

  • The Results