Land Rover Defender 110
Colour Coded Trims

This Land Rover Defender 110 came in from our client to have all the exterior trims matched to the vehicle body colour or gloss black.

  • The Process

    To begin the process our technician firstly prepped the vehicle by stripping down the main components that are to be sent off for paint.

    Customising vehicles of this calibre takes some extra care and attention. Once each trim piece had been painted, they were prepped and bonded onto the vehicle and quality checked to ensure every detail meets with or quality standards to give first class customer satisfaction.

  • The Results

    This colour combination for this beautiful blue and gloss black parts is currently one of a kind. The body colour paint match arches and trims set this Defender 110 on a whole new level of cool and we think this is one of the best looking Land Rover Defenders in the country!