Lamborghini Urus

This previously wrapped Lamborghini Urus came to us to have a full de-wrap along with some carbon accents adding in places where the orange vinyl currently sits and also along the spoiler.

  • The Process

    The vehicle was washed and dried before being brought into the workshop for the de-wrap to commence.

    Once checked into a bay and an initial inspection carried out, our technicians began stripping down the vehicle and removing all needed body panels for a thorough de-wrap. Due to the age of the wrap, sometimes it may become more brittle, even when heated and removed carefully it can be prone to tearing in tight panel gaps which is the main reason we strip a vehicle to remove the wrap.

  • The Results

    As you can see from the finished images, the Lamborghini Urus is back to it’s original body colour and topped up with the carbon fibre accents making it much less garish whilst still being the stunning head-turner it is.