Lamborghini Urus

Is this now the best luxury super SUV on the market? We think it could be! The standout Lamborghini Urus – a V8 powerhouse with outlandish design and presence. Brought to us by Oasis limousines to be de-wrapped back to its original yellow paint.

  • The Process

    The process with a de-wrap is simple but requires a lot of care and attention to avoid damaging the paintwork beneath. Applying heat to the surface allowing the glue to loosen and gently pull away the vinyl. Steam can also be applied as an alternative method. Parts of the vehicle were stripped down as the vinyl was tucked around the corners. This meant removing the front bumper allowing full access around all the vents and slats. Once complete, the vehicle is polished ensuring to left over glue residue from the vinyl.

  • The Results

    The final result is a Lamborghini Urus back to its original factory yellow. A great colour to show off the unique, aggressive design. A truly special vehicle to have here at Reforma UK.