Lamborghini Urus

A brand new Lamborghini Urus, with a brand new look! This completely stock, fresh Urus had a De-Chrome service and a full body kit install by our super talented team.
Painted with Aston Martin Ceramic Grey Metallic for a powerful yet subtle look!
  • The Process

    Due to this being a completely new vehicle and a brand new, unpainted bodykit we first had to tape up and measure the entire vehicle to ensure all the pieces of the kit would fit correctly before being sent of for paint.

    After test fitting and receiving the finished painted bodykit parts back to ourselves, our team prepped the vehicle, giving it an extensive clean ready for the kit to be applied. This is a time consuming and also a time sensitive operation due to the bonding material having a low work time for a superior adhesion. Our talented technicians, having previously carried out meticulously accurate measurements, apply the bodykit in its final positions and tape up the kit to hold it in place as the adhesive cures.


    This Lamborghini Urus also had a full de-chrome service too which removes all the stock chrome fixings and trims to further enhance the look of the vehicle.

  • The Results

    As you can see, the results are out of this world. The car looks absolutely stunning and the bodykit really makes it stand out from the crowd. Blacked out chrome trims downplay the tell tale luxury aspect of this vehicle but don’t be fooled. It’s a beast of a machine with all the flair and beauty you’d expect from Lamborghini.