Lamborghini Huracan
Matte Black Wrap

The owner of this brand new Lamborghini Huracan wanted a wrap to enhance the appearence but also protect the original paintwork of his car. To help him decide on colour, we sent him some 3D visuals in a range of colours to help him decide. The colour was then chosen – Avery Supreme Matte Black.


  • The Process

    The vehicle was brought to us and was placed in one of our bays, where the vehicle can be left throughout the whole process to ensure the vehicle is protected and clean the entire time. Our workshop is clean and temperature controlled for the perfect wrap.

    The vehicle is cleaned, and the work begins – the bumpers, lights, mirrors and other various trim including the badges are all removed, until the separate bodywork panels are ready for wrap.

    The team then works on the vehicle, hand wrapping the car in Matte Black film, some panels requiring 2-3 people to stretch the vinyl over the complex curves, for the best fit and finish. Completed parts are refitted, until the entire vehicle is wrapped.

    An extra touch was the 4 corner reflectors on the vehicles front and rear bumpers were slightly tinted, to help add to the gloss and matte black look.

  • The Results

    We’ve added many photos to this case study, so that you can see the level of quality and attention to detail in our wraps – the matte black finish accentuates the angular lines of the Lamborghini Huracan, adding aggression and a stealth fighter look to the already impressive car.